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ProSoc Academy : Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions - ProSoc ACADEMY

Field of Application

(1) The ProSoc Academy (hereinafter referred to as: ProSoc) operates a soccer school. It is called "Professional Soccer Academy".

(2) These "ProSoc Academy Terms and Conditions" apply to the legal relationship between ProSoc, represented by management, the children/ juveniles represented by their legal guardians, and adults participating in our programs.

(3) The use is not required to formally confirm the validity of these terms and conditions in future or visits/access. The customer automatically accepts these terms and conditions with their purchase or order and by completing the registration.

Confirmation Field

(1) ProSoc Academy holds soccer camps, clinics, team trainings and Group or Individual training with the common topic: Events

(2) ProSoc Soccer Camps are held for a full day or half a day over several days depending on the event. A minimum of 10 participants is required for one ProSoc soccer camp.

(3) ProSoc Training consists of several programs depending on the booking. The training sessions diversify from 60-90 minutes each without catering.

(4) ProSoc Group Training consists of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 persons depending on the booking. Training sessions last 60-90 minutes each without catering.

(5) ProSoc Individual Training consists of a maximum of 1 person depending on the booking. Training units last 60 minutes without catering

(6) ProSoc Team Training (USYS TEAMS) encompasses U7s, U9s, U11s, U13s, U15s, U17s, U19s; Men's & Women's and Select. Trainings last anywhere from 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the teams.

Participants, Minimum Number

(1) Unless specified otherwise, children (3-17 years) and adults (18 & over) can participate in events of the ProSoc Soccer School. The adult program is open to anyone who is older than 18 years.

(2) The minimum number of participants of a ProSoc Soccer Camp is 10. If the minimum number of participants for an event (one-week ProSoc Soccer Camp, ProSoc event of two days, Group and Individual Training) is not obtained one day prior to commencement of the event, the occurrence of an event is at the discretion of ProSoc. 

Conclusion of the Contract

(1) A legally binding tender for a conclusion of a contract is not yet included in catalogues, application forms or on the ProSoc websites.

(2) A tender for a conclusion of a participation contract is provided by the participants, represented by the respective legal guardian (s). In this regard the required information must be confirmed on the application form.

The tender must be forwarded to ProSoc GmbH via mail to the following address: ProSoc GmbH, Wiesenstrase 2, 66849 Landstuhl (Germany) and the amount is payable via LeagueApps, Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer to the corporate account:

Bank Information:
ProSoc GmbH
IBAN#: DE29 5407 0024 0037 9297 00


(3) ProSoc can accept a submitted tender for participation in an event by sending the participant a participation confirmation within 4 weeks upon receipt of the application however no later than one day prior to commencement of the event via email or mail. ProSoc will make every effort to make a decision as soon as possible.

(4) With a partial contract, ProSoc is obliged to provide the range of services stipulated in these General Terms and Conditions of the Academy, and in the relevant event information online at the homepage under the heading ProSoc Soccer School of the respective event. Event information available online can in particular be requested by mail at ProSoc prior to sending application documents under the following address:

(5) ProSoc ACADEMY, Wiesenstrase 2, 66849 Landstuhl (Germany)

In the event of a concluded contract, the participant is obliged to pay the participation fee and to comply with the additional obligations specified in these General Terms and Conditions ProSoc Academy and in the included event information.


Payment is required via LeagueApps, Stripe, bank transfer or Cash (by acceptations) to the ProSoc ACADEMY corporate account. The participant will receive a participation confirmation upon payment receipt.

Participants have the option of requesting a VAT-document from ProSoc GmbH. If ProSoc GmbH requires a VAT-document for payment, then the participants must turn in a VAT-document no later than 2 business days after the payment.

Withdrawal, Illness/Injury & PCS

The participant is entitled to withdraw from the contract only by injury/illness (medical certificate is required) and PCS back to the United States (Proof of orders is required) at any time.


In reference to the USYS TEAMS your commitment to the Program and ProSoc is for one (1) soccer season or ten month, and the feeâ??s are NOT refundable. A refund will be only accepted when you PCS with proof of orders or a Doctorâ??s note. In case of an event cancellation due to force majeure and/or â??Acts of Godâ?? an outstanding refund of the participation fee, ProSoc still has the right to a compensation claim for payments already received or payments still outstanding for the cancellation of the event. An outstanding refund of the participation fee, ProSoc still has the right to a compensation claim for payments already received or payments still outstanding for the cancellation of the event. 


(2) In the event of a withdrawal four weeks prior to commencement of the booked event, 30% of the participation fee, including VAT is payable; in the event of a withdrawal less than four weeks, 50% of the participation fee, including VAT is payable.

(3) By withdrawing, the participant loses the right to participate in the booked event.

(4) In case of an event or program cancellation due to force majeure and/orActs of God an outstanding refund of the participation fee, ProSoc still has the right to a compensation claim for payments already received or payments still outstanding for the cancellation of the event.

(5) In the event of an illness or injury, 50% of the participation fee will be refunded upon verification of a medical certificate. Such a refund is excluded if the cancellation of a ProSoc event is only received on the third day of the event (ProSoc Camp, Group or Individual Training).

Event Cancelation

(1) In the event of force majeure or if the minimum number of participants cannot be obtained, ProSoc has the right to cancel a ProSoc event, Group or Individual Training. In this case, ProSoc will refund the participation fee within 14 days, whereby however ProSoc remains entitled to any possible claim for compensation in terms of Paragraph (3).


(2) If the minimum number of participants has not been obtained in terms of Clause III (2), a possible cancellation of a ProSoc Soccer Camp must occur by email no later than within two days prior to the camp. For a ProSoc event, Group or Individual Training no later than 1 day prior to the planned commencement of the event.

(3) In case of an event cancellation due to force majeure and an outstanding refund of the participation fee, ProSoc still has the right to a compensation claim for payments already received or payments still outstanding for the cancellation of the event.

Rescheduling of training sessions, Group or Individual Training

ProSoc has the right to reschedule training sessions in the event of bad weather (in particular rain, snow, hail and storm) and/or bad field conditions without respective obligation.


Health Insurance, Liability Insurance

Each participant must have a health and liability insurance arranged by their legal guardian (s). The participants are not insured for illness, injury or liability by ProSoc during events or travelling to and from events.


(1) Compensation claims made by the participant or their legal guardian, regardless of the grounds, are excluded providing there is no mandatory liability coverage in the event of intent, gross negligence, acts of culpable negligence causing death or personal injury, and due to violation of significant contractual obligations.

(2) However, a compensation claims for violating significant contractual obligations is limited to the basic contract.

(3) ProSoc assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for travel associated with ProSoc training, practices, league or tournament play. Carpooling and other cooperative transportation arrangements solely involve players and parents. The Club is not involved in said travel arrangement nor is the Club in any way responsible for making such arrangements. Accordingly, parents and players who have reached the appropriate driving age as stipulated by the law, expressly agree to hold the Club, its officers, directors, and employees, and agents, harmless from any and all liability stemming from, or arising out of, injuries or death related to the transportation of players to and from Club training, practices, league, or tournament play

(4) ProSoc will not be responsible for any failure to perform our obligations to you in relation to your membership where this failure is caused by circumstances beyond our control.


ProSoc reserves the right to exclude the participant from the event for good cause attributable to the person or conduct of the participant (in particular in the event of rioting, violence, vandalism, racism, drug and alcohol abuse, culpable conduct or any other gross violation against event regulations). In this case, a full or partial refund of the participation fee is forfeited.

Data Protection

 Herewith, the user is informed in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, that ProSoc stores its full address and other user data provided to them in strictest confidence. By registering, the user formally agrees that his/her address and email will be used for occasional information on content updates and new offers by ProSoc and its partners/cooperation partners. Consent can be withdrawn by providing an informal notification.


Right of Personal Portrayal/Personal Voice

Every participant and their legal guardian irrevocably consent for all current and future media (among others Newspapers, Radio, TV, Internet, Flyers and Posters) to gratuitously publish images and voices of participants used by ProSoc for photographs, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or recordings of images and/or audio created by ProSoc or its representatives in association with the event. Consent also covers the appropriate copying and use of the image/voice.

The delivery/shipping of the ordered goods will occur in accordance with the specified delivery times. Delivery times are effective as of successful receipt of full payment.

Shipping Costs

The indicated prices include any possible VAT, however exclude shipping and packaging costs. Unless specified otherwise in the tender, the following shipping costs apply: Insured shipping: Within Germany: EUR 6.90. Within the EU up to 2 kg: EUR 22.90. The rest of Europe and International destinations: Minimum EUR 39.90. Prices include VAT. Payment can be made by via LeagueApps, Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer into our account at (ProSoc GmbH  IBAN#: DE29 5407 0024 0037 9297 00  BIC#: DEUTDEDB540). Once you click on purchase, you will be guided to the checkout in just a few steps where payment can be made. Based on the General Terms and Conditions, the agreement with you will only be concluded once we have delivered the goods according to the order. PayPal is our online bank. Any company and private customer with an email address can receive or send secure, easy and cost-effective online payments. Based on the existing financial structure for bank accounts and credit cards, this network provides a global-online time payment solution. The service to send payments provided to users by PayPal can be utilized via a PC or web-compatible mobile phone.



Right of withdrawal: If the user is a consumer, he/she has the right to withdraw the contractual purchase order within two weeks in text form (i.e.: letter, post card, fax or email) without the requirement of stating a reason or by returning the goods. The time limit commences upon receipt of this information in text form, however not prior to receipt of the goods by the recipient and also not prior to issuing any information obligations in accordance with �??�?�§ 312c, Sect. 2 German Civil Code in association with �??�?�§ 1, Sect. 1, 2 and 4 German Civil Code-Information Act as well as our obligations in accordance with 312e, Sect. 1, P. 1 German Civil Code in association with �??�?�§ 3 German Civil Code-Information Act. Punctual return of the withdrawal or goods by mail or to our email address will be sufficient to comply with the withdrawal time frame. The right of withdrawal is invalid prematurely, if ProSoc has commenced the provision of a service before the end of the withdrawal time frame with formal consent of the user or the user has organized this personally. Consequences of a withdrawal: In the event of an effective withdrawal, payments made by both parties must be refunded and any benefits (i.e.: user benefits) must be released. If the user cannot return the received services fully, partially or only in a deteriorated condition, he may have to pay compensation for lost value, if applicable. Payment obligations are due within 30 days. For the user, the time limit commences when the goods are sent, and as for ProSoc when the withdrawal declaration or the goods are received. Goods that can be packaged (up to 20 kg) should be returned to our business address. The user is responsible for the postal costs of the returned goods. All physical sale items that need to be returned for any reason other than manufacturer error have to contain all tags be in like new, unworn state in order to be accepted.


Right of Withdrawal Exceptions

There is not right of withdrawal in the following cases: Goods that have been custom-made (i.e.: jerseys with individual flock coating or items where there could be a possibility that text requested by the customer could be printed, flocked or stitched on the item) or is clearly tailored to personal needs  Goods that are not suitable for a return consignment due to their appearance and workmanship or which can spoil easily or where the expiry date has exceeded, -audio or video recordings or software if the delivered data carrier was unsealed by the user, individualized posters or other printed matters.


Severability Clause

If individual provisions of these terms and conditions should become fully or partially invalid, unfeasible or not enforceable, the validity of the contract and remaining provisions will not be affected. The German Law exclusively applies under exclusion of the UN-Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Place of fulfillment is Kaiserslautern. Jurisdiction for traders is Kaiserslautern (Germany).


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